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»We are Friends« highlights

Find new Friends

Find new in App friends based on your common interest in your local area, your region, your country and across borders.

Add offline friends

Easy and secure to invite new friends. Show your personal QR-Code or send a Text message and your are instantly friends online.

Stay safe

To become your friend, the user have to send a selfie that you must approve before. This keeps the community safe.


Communicate in a way that suits you. Send image-, voice-, video- or text messages and show off what you have done lately.

Auto Translate​

You can also express yourself with Emojis. The App will translate even if your don't know the language.

Explore and Learn

Explore job opportunities, events, sports, festivals, sightseeing and much more. Become smarter, healthier or more active.


We give the users the possibility to add a “Guardian”. That can be a parent, a good friend or a Social Worker that know the user well. A Guardian can view and report conversations. Safety in our Community, is upmost important to us.

»We are Friends« highlights
for you as a partners

Communicate directly with your target audience

Through your Partner Universe, you can communicate directly with our users in a way that makes sense  both to you and the user. When you interact directly with your target audience, they will feel a much greater ownership of the content because it speaks directly to them and not through others or through channels that are not tailored directly to them.

Build Community and Connect to your Tribe​

Attracts your target audience, transforms the knowledge, activity and message you already have into a community where you can increase your impact, help more and get direct feedback from your users. Attract new members, participants and volunteers. You reach a wider audience and can communicate a lot with a much wider reach. With your personal QR-Code, you can invite users direct to your profile.

Highlight your cause

Get attention, interaction and focus on your case and cause and show what you are working on for people with intellectual and developmental disabilities You can do it regionally, nationally and across borders. Gain greater awareness when you have activities. Festivals, sports events, courses, leisure activities etc. can join our in app calendar and get exposed to the right participants.

Online Education and Awareness

Help your audience to a better and more meaningful life by education and online teaching. Through our learning universe, you can teach, educate and communicate online directly to your target audience, which means you can help many more people

Our Campaign calculator gives added value for you

In addition to your everyday postings on your profile, we are going to add a »Campaign Calculator« that gives you the possibility to create your own segmented campaigns calculated on a budget that suits you.

During the Campaign, we will provide you with in-depth statistics so you can see how it performs.

The Campaign Calculator will be added later in Version 1.1

  • Start date (min. 7 days in advance)
  • Campaign length (min. 14 days)
  • National or International Campaign
  • Interest selection (sports, education, etc)
  • Target group (age, gender, country, etc)
  • Campaign Visual (text and graphics, video, podcast, etc)
  • Where to show (event, explore, etc)
  • Featured (be the first in line)
  • Push Messages
  • Special QR Referral code (an easy way to create awareness)
  • Special programming and much more…


We could really need your support to make the App a reality!

Join us on this journey and together we can create a big impact for this special audience. We want to give them a voice, give them back their life and hope. Make friends and become less lonely in a safe place to go during this crazy pandemic time and beyond.
»We are Friends« is currently in development and we expect to launch in early spring 2021. To support us, simply sign up and take part in our exciting journey. Get all the information about the upcoming Crowdfunding Campaign and how you can help!

You can unsubscribe at anytime.
We will only send emails about »We are Friends« and how you can engage your Community.

What our existing partners say


It is very meaningful for KLAPjob to be in the Friendship App because it creates community and new relationships between those who already have a KLAPjob and we can easily tell a lot more about the job opportunities and the services we offer in KLAPjob. Through the app we can create community, provide learning, help and retain our users. It has been a challenge before to reach users in a non-cost-effective way.

KLAPjob, Denmark

Vaskeriet building bridges between people with and without disabilities, prevent loneliness and creates diversity. For that, the app is brilliant.

CEO · Vaskeriet, Denmark

LAVUK Entertainment offers a wide range of festivals and events both locally and nationally. It is often a challenge to get these communicated directly to our participants. With our in-app presence, we can now get in touch with them much easier. We can also maintain interest from event to event and this can be seen on our number of participants. Also, the fact that we can do online events and entertainment is really helping during Convid-19, where many of our users cannot attend events offline.

Projektcoordinator, Lavuk Entertainment

Besides the app being a brilliant tool for making new friendships, it also gives us as a community a chance to draw much more attention to the many events we hold for our entire region. We get a lot more participants, we can reach our target group in a form that makes sense to them and we can create a good community around our events and our citizens in our various residences.

Pedagogue, Bofællesskaberne Gl. Skagensvej