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Will you be a Super Friend and help us make the best friendship App in the world for people with special needs?

Why we need you as a Super Tester

In order to make the most amazing online community app for people with special needs and learning, intellectual and developmental disabilities, we need you to test and tell, so we can improve and tailor the »We are Friends App« to be the best and most giving online community app in the world.  Fill in the application below and be a part of our Super Tester group.

The test period runs September 27, – October 11, and after these two weeks we will get in touch with you to hear about your experience.

You can join our Super Tester group if:

  • you are at least 15 years old
  • you live in the USA, Canada or England
  • you’re willing to try being a Super Friend and an active part of the community by engaging with posts and new friends
  • you can use the app yourself or have a parent or guardian to help and support you in using the app.

If you feel it’s a little hard to read and write, don’t worry. In the app, we talk to each other through audio, video and image.

As a guardian, you can have a guardian account in the We are Friends app. That means you can support, help, monitor and feel safe having your child on the app.

Become a Super Tester in 3 easy steps

We have room for 25 Super Testers, so send your application today!

Step 1

Fill in the form, answering the basic questions. We will get back to you in 24 hours.

Step 2

Do an introduction interview with Signe to get to know each other and get your questions answered.

Step 3

Get ready to be a Super Tester from September 27th.

We can’t wait to connect with you, and we look forward to receiving your application.

Have questions? We’re here to help you.
Feel free to contact us HERE