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All the resources, features, and tools you need to support your online presence
– whether you are already online or not

Get more information about:

Organizations are more than welcome

Does you or your organization offer:

  • Events
  • Clubs and/or cafés
  • Media
  • Activities
  • Short or long courses in various forms
  • Life learning teaching (economics, community, sex & love life, health etc.)
  • Social support
  • Festivals/music
  • Exercise and movement
  • Cooking/baking
  • Creativity
  • Nature/gardening
  • Feel good/mental care
  • Household chores
  • Care and support
  • Engagement in the local community
  • Sports events
  • Creates friendships
  • Specially organized travel
  • Summer/winter camps
  • Holidays/Daytrips
  • School teaching
  • Outdoor activities

…or something completely different that supports people with special needs? If so, we would love for you to join!

We give you a full toolbox to make it super easy for you to support and interact with people in the App


All communication in the »We are Friends« App is tailor-made to our user. This means that we communicate with audio, videos, graphics, pictures and very small text bites.

Use our content planner to plan, post and schedule your:
  • Daily post
  • Events
  • Activities
  • Courses
  • Schedule your content in advance in your planner so you can stay on top of your content
  • Reply to Member comments in a way the Member understand, through text, voice and video
  • Message directly to your Members 1:1 in your message center.
  • Show Members who you are in your bio
  • Personal Invitation page to invite your Members to join and become a part of your community in the App
  • Ready made marketing material
  • Statistics so you can see what kind of content performs best

We will provide you with
resources for success

It’s important to us that you have success in the »We Are Friends« App.  To help you achieve that we provide:

Monthly success media resource
We will teach you step-by-step how to create engagement, record videos and audio, built community, use storytelling as a content explanatory element and much more.

Upcoming holidays and events
We will keep you on track by reminding you of events and upcoming holidays and will give you ideas on how to create engagement.

Success Center
You can always find answers as you need them in our FAQ resource center. You will also have access to online support.

Learning and coaching
Every month we host various learning and coaching events, all for your benefit.

We host 4 regular events each month

Live coaching

Office hours with a member
from the »We are Friends« team

Panel talks

“Coffee and content” where we help you plan your monthly content

And you will also be invited to special bonus events throughout the year. All made to give you the best help, support and success.

Case study: What you could do

Online you could teach:

  • How to groom a horse
  • How to approach a horse
  • How to give a horse a treat
  • Why a helmet is required
  • What clothes to wear
  • Horse anatomy
  • How to prepare for the first time riding a horse
  • Exercise that is good for the body, when starting with riding lessons.

Online you could tell:

  • The story of each horse. Their name, favorite food and their special traits, etc.
  • Why and how to do horse riding and therapy
  • Who are your normal customers?
  • All the practical things like: parking, price, toilet facilities, with or without helper

Online you could show:

  • A ride filmed from the rider’s perspective (camera on the helmet) so the spectator gets the experience from the right angle and in the right pace
  • Where does it all take place? How does it look?
  • Who you are and your staff?
  • What to expect first time
  • How to be a volunteer

Connect with your clients anywhere they are. Grow your online presence by creating value and engagement by sharing your knowledge and your services to the members in the »We are Friends« Social App.

Meet Paul – he is one of our members

Paul selects his interests when signing up in the »We Are Friends« App. 
These selections are what make the “friend and group finder” find friends and groups for Paul

In the App Paul meets friends who share his interests. He joins groups that provide information, offer activities and events, and cater to his unique interests.

Now he can acquire new life skills by being part of several groups that teach him skills such as: baking, fishing, and horseback riding. Some groups may even offer social events such as Christmas activities in December.

Starting a conversation with someone who shares your interests in fishing, knitting, music or tv makes it easier to connect because you already have something to talk about. Shared interests take away the pressure when meeting new friends online.

Identifying your common interest is the key to more fun in the App:

We have built the »We are Friends« App centered around your unique interests because it is the best way to connect with people and organizations quickly. We cut through everything non-essential and connect you to people and groups that love the same things you do! This allows you to get more opportunities to learn, explore, practice, and share – while building stronger friendships.

We believe that joining a group (big or small) that shares your interests is the best way to learn, develop, participate, enjoy, and engage. Having a mutual foundation helps ensure a successful experience from the beginning.

Closed System

Users cannot share links in the App

Selfie Approval

Friend request with selfie approval

Referral link

User approves user with referral link

Reporting tools

Easy blocking and reporting tools

AI blocking

AI blocks insulting and bullying words. Blocks financial information


Get help with Guardians and Super Users

Safety matters

We give our members the possibility to add a “Guardian” to their account. This can be a parent, a good friend or a Social Worker that knows the member well. A Guardian can help when something is unclear and can view and report conversations if needed.

Safety in our App is of utmost importance to us.  We want to keep the social community safe, protected and a nice place to be.

Another safety feature for our members is the “selfie approve”. To become friends, our members have to send a selfie, that must be approved before the two members are connected. This keeps the App safe.