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We Are Friends today is a Communication and Learning App for people with special needs and the Organizations that support them

Connect with your members anywhere they are. Grow your online presence and take your support and engagement to the next level

Why you should consider going online

Our research has shown that at some point, Organizations offering offline activities, courses, and support for people with special needs will experience challenges to be in direct contact with their demographic.

COVID-19 is a good example of this. The pandemic forced many organizations to halt activities for members, which also halted the daily opportunities for direct communication.

In the We are Friends Community you will:

  1. Have access to all the members within the App with our unique and intuitive web interface

  2. Engage with members in the App directly to offer your unique programs, products and services

  3. Share unlimited posts and content

  4. Schedule online events and physical activities

Your Organization's Reach with our App can:

  1. Increase your Sales

  2. Increase Opportunities for investment and grant funding

  3. Increase access to market research and/or focus groups with interested members

  4. Increase awareness for your core mission

  5. Increase your Member numbers

We are Friends today will provide you with:

An easy way to stay in direct contact with your members

More ways to support your members, without adding to your workload

A technology solution so you can focus on what you do

Access to your own unique portal in the »We Are Friends« Social App

Seamless ways to strengthen current member relationships

Access to more users in your geographic region and/or area of expertise

Together we can make a difference. Together we can help people have a better tomorrow

Want to get Involved?

Many organizations that support people with special needs don’t currently have a platform to seamlessly engage with, support, and teach their members.

The We Are Friends today App offers a safe and secure online space for organizations to feel comfortable to send their members.

The App has been designed to allow busy organizations to bridge the technology gap and interact with their members in easier ways.