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Martin works in circus all summer long. He has learning disability but that does not stop him from making friends and enjoying his job as a volunteer in Circus Arena 

Martin works in circus

I’m on my way to visit Martin – All summer long he works in the biggest circus in the Nordic countries called Circus Arena. Right now they are in a Town called Høje Tåstrup here in Denmark, and I’m on my way to meet him.

Martin and I shall meet at 8 this morning at the cirkus, and I have been on my way for the last 2,5 hour.

This morning I have seen the sun rise over the summer-dressed fields. It’s a beautiful day. As I drives the last stretch of the road up to the circus square, I see the circus wagons and the grassing horses in the morning dew. 

Martin works in circus all summer long

I had imagined that there would be a lot of noise around the circus, but here is quiet. Here are many people, but not much noise.

When I look around the circus square I see quite a few people with a coffee cup in one hand and a slice of bread in the other.

There is no doubt that they are getting ready for the day’s work.

Martin is waiting for me in the parking lot. He asks if I want to see the horses, and we walk to the fence.

On the way over, Martin tells that a long time ago he was encouraged to start as a volunteer. Now he has helped in the circus for over 20 years. He does it whenever and as for as long as he can every summer.

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Martin works in Circus 

I can see and feel why Martin love the work here. Being a part of a circus is something very special. And I’m sure that Martin works in circus as long as he can.

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