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Our mission with We Are Friends is to reduce the loneliness of people with intellectual and developmental disabilities.

It deeply touches us that people who are challenged for various reasons do not quite have the same conditions for making friendships that make us functionally healthy.

Traveling around the world / everyday life can be confusing and difficult for many, so physically meeting others can be a challenge. Loneliness and the absence of being together are many everyday and we would like to change that.

Our friendship app allows people with intellectual and developmental disabilities to find friends online through community of interest. It is a good starting point for making friendships, which hopefully can go on and become an offline friendship.

“Since there are many in the user group who have read and write difficulties, we have deliberately chosen to communicate with video and audio messages so that everyone can join. And of course our activity in the app is also through sound and images. It is important to us that users come to know us who are behind, so that we can clearly show that we are real people and not just a machine”

Our goal is to make the app as active as possible so that video messages with action requests will come from us to help users get active. It’s just more fun to talk to some people – instead of just saying something yourself.

It is a goal for us that our friendship app can have an impact on users’ everyday lives and can contribute to better quality of life and sense of belonging with others. That it is actually going to make a difference.

The communication between users is one to one communication. The friendships are only made when the applicant and the applicant for friendship have both indicated that they would like to be friends. They then have the opportunity to communicate and get to know each other better, for the benefit of each other.

We show that it is easy to just facilitate the framework, and then users will probably have to create the content themselves. It is not our job to instruct them in what to think, say, think and do. We believe that we create the best base, so the friendship magic comes from it.

We know, and know, the importance of friends and we sincerely believe that everyone is entitled to it. We hope our app can reduce the number of lonely people with intellectual and developmental disabilities.