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We say that at common interest is a good start for a friendship. But how much do you really need to have in common?

❤️ dogs, you ❤️ dogs - Let's be friends

Jessica is a big dog lover. She has Max. A golden retriever of 5 years with the most beautiful eyes and the biggest love for Jessica.

Jessica and Max loves:

  • Long walks several times a day
  • Playing at the beach near their house
  • Toss sticks and balls
  • Play hide and seek
  • Agility

Amber is also a big dog lover. Her dogs name is Coco. A Shih-Tzu that hold her age of 12 very nice. When Amber is home, Coco is always by her side.

Amber and Coco loves:

  • A short walk in the park in the afternoon
  • Sitting on the veranda talking while Coco gets her fur groomed
  • Taking a nap together
  • Going on a bike ride – Coco majestically seated in the bike basket
  • Practice tricks like giving paw, playing dead and dancing


Jessica and Amber are two completely different dog lovers.

But they have one big thing in common:

They LOVE dogs!

And that can be the start of a beautiful friendship. They can tell and show each other how they are dog lovers, what they enjoy doing with their furry friend, share good experiences, give each other tips and tricks and by being friends they will see and learn that this shared interest can be carried out in so many varieties.


You don’t need to be two peas in pot to make great friends, and in the “We Are Friends” community, we help create connections between likeminded people who might only share a single interest…

But that single thing can be the solid foundation of a lifelong friendship. Join us today and find out for yourself