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Leander has always been told that his future was limited, that he couldn’t get a job. Now Leander and his tuk-tuk tell a different story.

Leander and his tuk-tuk

One Monday in early March, the sun was shining. There was spring in the air, and the hope of summer on the cloudless sky.

I have an appointment with Leander Grant.

He has just texted that he is ten minutes late because he needs to take a trip to the landfill for a customer before our interview.

So, while I wait, I catch a ray of sunshine on the bench opposite of the Café where we shall meet.


Leander and his tuk-tuk sounds a bit like a propeller plane

But it doesn’t take ten minutes before I hear the sound of a roaring moped, and two seconds later, Leander comes around the corner. He is a handsome young man of 29 years, with one incredibly winning smile. He’s walking a bit weird, and his face makes tics. Leander is spastic and is lamb in one side. But being spastic is not at all what this interview is all about.

I’ve asked if I could tell the story about Leander and his tuk-tuk business.

And luckily, he said yes. Because this is a good story, a story about daring, about talking a chance and about what you can do when someone believes in you.

This podcast is an episode in Our what we do show we host in the We are Friends App. This series is a podcast with the important stories of life and how it is lived by our amazing members of the community. For inspiration, for joy and for connections.

Leander and his tuk-tuk is are thriving business 

Leander has always been told that his future was very limited, that he couldn’t get a job. But he didn’t believe that. And neither did his father.

Now Leander and his tuk-tuk is a thriving business helping shops and people with all kinds of jobs. And he loves it.

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