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We have just started our adventure abroad...

do you want to join us?

It’s going to be a fun journey but we don’t want to do it alone!

We want to create the leading community in the world for people with intellectual and developmental disabilities. The goal with our First Cross Border Communication App, is to give our users the opportunity to take ownership of their lives and create friendships themselves, get life learning and be a part of a rapidly growing community.

Signe, our founder has, through her long work experience with people with intellectual and developmental disabilities, seen the need for a community-based App for this target group for a long time.
Beginning in March 2019, the beta version was built with an angel investment and we launched to the North’s largest music festival for this target audience in July of that same year.

Launch of "Vi er Venner"
Beta version launched in July 2019:

- We have +700 users in Denmark
- They sent over 9,500 messages
- They created over 1,950 friendships
- They told over 4,000 profile stories
- We have educated 25 Superusers

Our Superusers are spread around Denmark and have the function to moderate and act as Brand Ambassadors. That gives credibility and role models among our users.
Launch Version 1.1
In 2020 we want to launch version 1.1:
- Programmed from scratch
- New architecture
- Multilingual version
- Launch of "We are Friends"
- Adding new features
- Adding new languages one by one
- Goal: 50,000 new users (Europe/US)

Add and Educate Superusers in different countries. Find strategic Partners and create Brand Awareness.
In 2021, focus on adding new users:
- Goal: 900,000 users
- Building relationships with Partners
- Launch of the Campaign Calculator
- Keep adding new features
- Delivering accurate Statestics
- Expanding team
- Start Earning Money

2021 will be the year where "We are Friends" will be known worldwide as a household brand.
July 2019
2022 -

our users

It’s a sad, but true, fact that people with intellectual and developmental disabilities often are ‘easy targets’ and are victimized in form of digital bullying, deception, identity theft and even exploited by sex offenders. With our high levels of security within the app and the strict verification process of new users, we aim to keep the Community safe and all violators will be reported to local authorities.
Loneliness is a big issue within our community and can over time lead to mental illnesses such as anxiety and depression and various lifestyle disorders. Especially in this time of Covid-19, loneliness can escalate, and the suicide rate increases further. Through our app, we ensure that users always have someone to talk to within the fellowship and thereby increasing their sense of unity and togetherness.
Previously, our users have been limited to text-based solutions – which they often need help to, because of writing and reading disability, or they have depended on others to establish friendships, provide learning, make connections and be a part of a community. The numerous ways of interacting through our app simplifies communication between users and empowers them to create connections and make friends on their own.
In short: with our App, they can now take ownership of their lives.

The partners

Problems for Sponsors, Organizers, Information associations are today:

Courses, training, offers and activities are offered offline in small local groups and often through second-person communication. It is difficult for partners to hit a large target group directly.
A lot of education and training is never widespread to the people who need it.


It’s an underserved market with a huge potential for digital solutions. In Denmark there are 192,000 with developmental and intellectual disabilities.
In the US there are 48 Million and worldwide there are a total of over 200 Million persons with developmental and intellectual disabilities.

Want to be part of an innovative digital community start-up?

We are looking for investors who can help accelerate the friendship app global.
The right chemistry is the most important thing for us and we are looking for an investor who:

  • Have a passion for making a difference for people with intellectual disabilities and reducing loneliness for this target group
  • Want to invest in an impact driven start up
  • Want to invest in social tech startup
  • Want to invest in a startup that works with a target group that needs to be addressed slightly differently than what we usually do with social communities
  • Want to work with dedicated teams located in Denmark and Dubai
  • Have dedication and energy

Contact us if you are the one

Signe copy

signe Naessing - CEO

I have worked with this target group for over 10 years, and it is an under served market with a huge potential for an easy understanding digital solution. I’ve been project manager on projects to, with and for people with developmental and intellectual disabilities and in recent years with digital projects. Furthermore I’m the founder of “The Feel Good Way” – a dance and movement method for this particular audience, with over 700 instructors located in the different countries. Devoted marketer, editor, photographer, writer, idea and concept developer.

I teach Sponsors, Organizers, Information associations and others who wants to reach out to people with intellectual disabilities. The successful steps to building a highly engaged community with the friendship App “We are Friends”


Selected to Founders University, Jason Calacanis, June 2020

Change Leader 2020
Reach for Change

Semifinal Winner at
Female Founders Force
The Next Women, Netherlands 2019

Named one of the most epoch-making initiatives of the year 
for people with developmental disabilities at LEV’s inclusion conference, October 2019

Nominated for Entrepreneur of the Year 2019
Horsens Inspire, Denmark

Featured in:
Ugebladet Skanderborg (article)
TV2 ØSTJYLLAND (television)
Horsens Folkeblad (article)
TV2 MIDTVEST (television)
LEV (article)

Vi starter sgu’ (article)
TV2 SYD (television)
TV2 NORD (television)
Venture city Horsens (article)
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TVGLAD (television)