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Let’s be friends.
The We are Friends App today is coming to England. 

Do you know of organizations and initiatives we should contact?

coming to England

Personal message from Signe – our founder.
We are coming to England!


We are Friends today is now ready to be introduced to users and organizations in England.
And we are so exited to welcome British friends into the community.

Here at the team we strongly believe the best way to get the App launched in UK is in collaboration with organizations and member of the App.

The We are Friends team will learn from this collaboration and adapt all the knowledge, the wishes and the feedback we get to the App, to make the best experience for members and organizations in the UK. We do that in a pace where we have the time to take care of everyone in the App.


I’m coming to England

Do you know of organizations and initiatives I should contact?

In April I’m visiting Dorset, Devon and Somerset and Cornwall to interview organizations, activities, day centers, events and workplaces centered around people with learning disabilities to create content and tell the stories of all the great places to the members of the App.

We want to create present content which provides insight, information and inspiration into the life for people living with a learning disability in the South West, invite them to join us in the App and get to know all the great organizations and initiatives.

I would greatly appreciate your help, so we produce exciting and encouraging content and meet new friends. You can send me a message at

I’m sure you know of brilliant initiatives. Thank you for your help. 

I am really looking forward to visiting England again. I have fond memories of a two-week road trip around the south.

Want more information about We are Friends? 

Of course! I’m here to help. You can book a demo right here or send me an email. I’m here to help.