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Build an online special community around your service

Connect your members with a community who can help them with their challenges and where you as an organization can do what you do best with the activities and support
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You can’t be social online if you can’t talk

We launched our beta-version of the friendship app in Denmark summer last year. It really was a beta-version.  The users could talk with each other by pictures, audio and video
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It all started that day …

It all started that day … I met Peter. Peter is developmentally disabled. He lives together with 30 others who also have a developmental disability. I was so lucky to
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Free mini-guide: How to be safe sharing video and pictures on social media.

Social media is not an easy ride for everyone.

 The “Better safe than sorry” guide for people with intellectual, developmental and learning disabilities and guardians, parents and relatives on what
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Loneliness and absence

Our mission with We Are Friends is to reduce the loneliness of people with intellectual and developmental disabilities. It deeply touches us that people who are challenged for various reasons
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Something to talk about

Some of us found it difficult to talk about nothing. What you call small-talk or nice-talk. We don’t quite know how to get started on a conversation without topic. And
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