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We are Friends are the first friendship App for people with intellectual and developmental disabilities. With this Cross Border FREE Communication App, you can now take ownership of your life and easily create friendships in other countries, easy communicate, get life learning lessons and much more. We are now working on expanding and go International with some cool features.

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We are Friends highlights

Find new Friends

Find new in App friends based on your common interest in your local area, your region, your country and across borders.

Add offline friends

An easy and secure way to invite new friends offline. Show them your personal QR-Code or send a Text message and your are instantly friends online.


Communicate in a way that suits you.
Send image-, voice-, video- or text messages and show off what you have done lately.

Auto Translate

You can also express yourself with Emojis. Select one of many expressions and depending on where your friend is in the world, the App will auto translate. Now you can get new friends abroad, even not knowing the language.

Stay safe

If another user wants to be friend with you, the user have to send a selfie that you must approve before becoming friends. This keeps the community safe.

Explore and Learn

Become active in your own life! Explore job opportunities, events, sports, festivals, sightseeing and much more.
Become smarter, healthier or more active with our online education tailored specifically to you.



We give the user a possibility to add a “Guardian”. That can be a parent, a good friend or a Social Worker that know the user well. A Guardian can view and report conversations. Safety in our Community, is upmost important to us.

Meet Signe, our founder

I’ve seen the need for a long time. One day I met Peter. He is a person with people with intellectual and developmental disabilities; is lonely; 40 years old; does not read or write very well. Peter loves everything about fishing but, he does not know anyone who shares his interest. Peter has been fishing four times in his life. The idea for the friendship App came up. With the App, Peter is able to meet others in his area who also love fishing and they can communicate with video and audio messages and even go fishing together. I’m so excited about our future together and hope to see you in the App 🙂

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What our customers says


Use the app every day. It works really well, and I have got a lot of new friends.


I have found friends that I met in college several years ago and whom I have not talked to since. Now we're friends in the app. I use the app every day and have made a lot of friends It’s a really good App


The App is good. And I like that it's so easy to use. I log on 1-2 times a day.

Selina Hurdle

Exciting to meet people in the app who also have a disability, and it's so easy to use.


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