Friendships for people with developmental disabilities

Online friends

A friendship app that everybody can join. With and without reading and writing difficulties and at a pace that suits the individual. A nice and safe place across disabilities, mobility, way of living, work and where you have the opportunity to meet new friends based on common interest.

“Exciting to meet people in the app who also have a disability.
It’s so easy to use

27 years from Copenhagen


Make friends from across the country through the friendship app


Create friendships and maintain relationships all year round

Based on
common interests

Find new friends based on common interests, free time and hobbies

Safe and
secure to use

A safe and secure place to be. We take security very high

With video
and audio messages

Talk to each other with video and audio messages. So everyone can join, even if you are not so good at reading and writing

We help
you all the way

Video Guides and support all the way, so it’s always easy to use

Would you like to join “We are friends”?

We are ready with an English version very soon.
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