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It’s like Facebook but for me!

Mary, We are Friends today User

Join for FREE and have a better tomorrow with your new friends.
Click one of the Icons below and download the We are Friends today App on your tablet, iPad or smart phone.

We are Friends today is the first Social App specially designed for people living with special needs

Here you can find new friends with the same interests as you in a safe and secure community. Have fun playing games, find activities in your area, talk, text or send videos to your new friends from around the world. You can even learn, listen and watch interesting material provided by our partners.

We are Friends today is your new safe and secure social App.

The hard facts

is that people living with special needs regularly experience hate crimes, bullying, loneliness and having no friends. 


3 in 4 people with special needs have experienced a hate crime on Social Media


8 out of 10 young people with special needs reported experiencing bullying


People with special needs are 7 times more likely to be lonely and socially isolated


1 in 8 people with special needs does not have even one friend to share their life with

Join the We are Friends
Social App today and you will:

  • Meet new friends online and create relationships

  • Share your voice, even if you are non verbal

  • Develop social skills 

  • Enjoy entertainment and fun activities

  • Find events in your local area

  • Be supported and stop feeling alone

  • Feel safe in our secure online Community

We are Friends today was built for 2 reasons: connections and belongingness

Signe Naessing · Founder and CEO

Keeping the Community safe is utmost important to us

It's very important for us that the members can feel safe and secure in our Community, therefor all members registering to the App have to provide a selfie for approval. Guardians can have a special account to overview their members, easy reporting and blocking tools for the members, screening processes for pictures and words used in the App.

Download the App today and have a better tomorrow with your new friends

  1. Click one of the Icons below and download the We are Friends today App on your tablet, iPad or smart phone. You can also find the App in Google Play Store or Apple App Store under the name “We are Friends Today”

  2. Click “REGISTER” and register as a Member. We all love to “see” who we are writing to, so make sure you take a good selfie picture

  3. Start enjoying the App: play games, make friends, learn and share

It does not matter if you are good at reading and writing, or if you cannot express yourself verbally - this app is for you

Does your organization support people with special needs?

We are here to help build and scale your online presence. Teach, help, support, and host activities for your clients, as well as have access to interact with those already in the App.

Together we can make a difference. Together we can help people have a better tomorrow.

Learn how you can get involved

To all our danish friends

Jubiiiii, så er vi klar på Dansk

Nu kan du bruge »We are Friends« App’en i Danmark. Find venner i Danmarks nye sociale fællesskab for mennesker med udviklingshandicap.
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